Maps and Flags From Around the World provides up-to-date information for every country in the world, including downloadable maps and flags. A detailed information profile of information is provided for each country (see table below). The information provided is up-to-date unclassified public domain data from The World Factbook 2003 of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

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       The following type of Information is provided for each country:
  • Location and Geographic coordinates
  • Area: sq km (land and water) and comparative size
  • Land boundaries and bordering countries
  • Coastline and Maritime claims (if pertinent)
  • Climate, Terrain, and Elevation (min & max)
  • Natural resources and Land use
  • Natural hazards and Environmental issues

  • People:
  • Population and age structure
  • Population growth rate (Birth, Death & migration rates)
  • Sex ratios: (for various age groups)
  • Infant mortality rate
  • Life expectancy at birth: (male & female)
  • Total fertility rate
  • Nationality: (noun and adjective)
  • Ethnic groups
  • Religions
  • Languages
  • Literacy: (total, male, female)

  • Government:
  • Country name (short and long forms; local name forms)
  • Abbreviation Data code
  • Government type
  • Capital
  • Administrative divisions
  • Independence
  • National holidays
  • Constitution and Legal system
  • Suffrage
  • Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches
  • Political parties and leaders (including pressure groups)
  • International organization participation
  • Status of diplomatic representation to and from the U.S.
  • Flag description

  • Economy:
  • Economic Overview
  • GDP: purchasing power parity 
  • GDP - real growth rate: NA% 
  • GDP - per capita: purchasing power parity
  • GDP - composition by sector
  • Population below poverty line 
  • Household income or consumption by percentage share
  • Inflation rate (consumer prices)
  • Labor force - by occupation
  • Unemployment rate
  • Budget, revenues and expenditures
  • Industries: (including Electrical and Agriculture)
  • Exports and Imports: value, commodities and partners
  • Debt - external
  • Economic aid (if applicable)
  • Currency and Exchange rates
  • Fiscal year

  • Communications:
  • Telephone system
  • Radio broadcast stations and number of Radios
  • Television broadcast stations and number of televisions
  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
  • Transportation
  • Railways: (length and guage)
  • Highways: (length of paved and unpaved)
  • Waterways and Pipelines
  • Ports and harbors
  • Airports/Heliports (number paved/unpaved and altitude)

  • Military:
  • Military branches: 
  • Military manpower - military age and availability
  • Military expenditures (in US dollars and as percent of GDP)

  • Transnational Issues:
  • Disputes with other countries: 

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